The Dinah Brand I Can Walk Through

I Can Walk Through

4th October 2010, Transduction Records

  1. Reunion
  2. What's Required of a Person
  3. Constanty Watching
  4. Team of Fast Detectives
  5. Vampires Trapped in Time
  6. Go Inside
  7. Pete
  8. Bands
  9. Seacat

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Experimental Audio by Steve Shannon.
Additional recording by
Ruth Kennington.
Produced by
Steve Shannon and The Dinah Brand.
All songs composed by
D. Phillips.
Cover design by
Niall Mc Cormack.
D. Lacey –
D. Phillips –
S. Ryan –
G. Ward –
John Hegarty –
Bill Blackmore –
The Dinah Brand Pale Monkey Blues

Pale Monkey Blues

2003, Perilous Music

  1. Nitelights
  2. Devastating Angel
  3. All The Peoples Mercy
  4. Famous House of Blood
  5. John Harbison Blues
  6. The Bad Detective
  7. Pale Monkey Blues
  8. A Domestic

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The Dinah Brand Perfect and Whole

Road Relish 13

2003, Road Relish
RR7-013, 7" vinyl, 500 copies

  1. The Tycho Brahe
    Before and After Seance
  2. Dinah Brand
    Perfect and Whole