• Reunion
  • What's Required of a Person
  • Constantly Watching
  • Team of Fast Detectives
  • Vampires Trapped in Time
  • Go Inside
  • Pete
  • Bands
  • Seacat
  • Reunion

    Your hand is restive and it sweats in mine
    it’s fine containing all you are
    there’s a few odd hundred people here
    each one of them is lusting for the bar

    Out on the quay an hour ago
    on a step for vantage I was root
    oh the mind could not describe for me
    what I was about to see in boots

    Well no one knows how to say
    truth in the belly like food
    the feel of your skin so thin
    I know I can walk through

    Back inside this cinema
    where we think we’re seeing the unknown
    there’s a few odd hundred people here
    each one of them is down in a common red throne

    Please be mindful what you wish for
    two years ago I made a wish for love
    and the sun came in so mercilessly
    and it made me hide my eyes in shame

    Well no one knows how to say
    truth in the belly like food
    the feel of your skin so thin
    I know I can walk through

    Let no distance come between us
    no more crying into fist and phone
    and let us fuse and let that fusion
    melt the crude material in our bones

    What's Required of a Person

    We’re in shock from information she and I were given
    that was all sob ridden when it flowed
    and we walked around to where he lives
    but his blue door had nothing to give
    so we went home

    A struggle took place on her face to decide
    what’s required of a person

    Then it was confirmed outside the mind and we saw him dead
    a scar across his head in a jagged line
    and the likeness was uncanny
    but it wasn’t him
    that’s why the eyes were closed we supposed

    All the lost and standing call on the fallen relieved
    tell us what’s required of a person

    Where is the love we had?
    the bear the bear the bear
    where? nobody knows
    Where is the bear we had?
    he’s gone he’s gone he’s gone
    where? back to the ground

    Constantly Watching

    When you’re in love it’s grand
    no one says you’re not a man
    a real pal would have some tact
    all this cunt can do is subtract and add

    Well I’m constantly watching what the bare monkey do
    I see him interact and then I try to do that too
    but it don’t thrill me
    no no no it don’t thrill me
    not for long

    There is no foe
    there’s no one to get
    only them who don’t know they’re wrong yet
    I feel so had and brown
    movie blue rain ain’t falling down

    Well it’s not cascading or tap tap tapping on the roof
    it’s not stripping my skin ‘cause there is no horrible truth
    It’s just wet and yet
    and yet it don’t thrill me
    not for long

    Team of Fast Detectives

    Undressed completely
    they have it all and then they ask for more
    it’s true they’ll sucker you for some of your succor
    dressed up in the morning like some tease
    they can’t believe the sun is gonna freeze

    Big stacks of trees
    set one on one
    there’re many systems of belief
    dispatch your fastest team and tell them it’s me
    say that and they’ll be pissing themselves with glee
    they can’t believe the sun is gonna freeze
    It’s gonna freeze
    no one will survive

    All who surveil
    and team of fast detectives please be still
    grown man the sun glistens there on your sill
    see how he provide the days with ease
    they can’t believe the sun is gonna freeze

    Vampires Trapped in Time

    Vampires trapped in time
    Sex addicts call the hot lines
    Five fives three zeroes and a nine
    On a street not tree lined
    A lone plasma donor
    Screams please oh please
    Dine off of me
    And holding out a limb
    And throwing back the chin
    Who here would decline?
    Not I

    Go Inside

    Go inside and see that the kids are alright in bed
    If you don’t go now
    you’ll always blame yourself
    when everything bad comes to pass

    Oh my dear you must be dreaming this
    you know we don’t have any kids

    Graver still is if the company starts to build
    houses that connect these tracts
    leaving us pray for
    Lovecraftian demons
    swing between the chimney stacks

    Oh my dear you must be really pissed
    to fear a dead fantasist

    Oh my dear Oh my dear
    Oh my ghostly peer

    How can we live in a big square house like this?
    filled with sharp-cornered surfaces
    boys play dare and little girls must prepare
    delicately for union

    Oh my dear I know some D.I.Y.
    and a wrench can’t grip the sky
    the vaporous sky
    the muck below
    and us inside this box alone


    Meekness in the guts
    born slayed
    and if I don’t believe in myself
    it’s all because my name is Pete

    Born into a shade at night
    I prayed
    now in a little bookie shop
    a prayer is a hot display

    All because a dream I was taught
    passed down for all the sorrow that it’s worth

    Never went to college but he read
    not a forest
    he read a scrubby woods worth
    of sweaty true crime books

    There inside there lay a maze
    a blessing and a curse
    a moral universe for Pete

    Sorrow and bad
    best I ever had
    meekness sorrow and bad

    Pete knew lust and longing
    it was like a club to belong in
    and lord above sometime you’ve got to step into the world


    Hung out to dry like a shirt
    tell you why:
    names and faces in my mind like dirt

    Too many men they don’t try
    they pretend
    see if you can guess if the singer
    is one of them
    I knew it I knew it
    seen right through it and then just looked away

    Two films I’ve seen
    pitch man against machine
    whose eyes were seen
    and how did that affect the outcome?
    I don’t know I had to go
    and watch DeeDee Ramone
    all gorgeous and prone
    and alone on screen
    back from death on a flickering beam

    Back from death on a flickering beam
    this band is bound intricately
    this band is bound to fail
    cause I have found the outcome


    Someone labels you the wet kind
    and you’re in wine
    and you’re losing your water
    so dry yet to piss you feel tempted
    go ahead

    Two steps behind
    I could not find a place to live freely
    hope tossed me onto the Seacat
    across Wales satisfied that I knew Hackney
    how wrong

    I woke up in a manner rude
    sick and dressed and in a bad mood
    why trust them who I believe are rat finks
    From now on I’m trusting my instincts

    Eight powers that be at any one time
    can you read minds?
    please please will you kill mine
    not dead
    just enough so I see right ahead


    All songs composed by
    D. Phillips. © 2010